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Stairway Advertising & Stair Covers (Nosing): Adverstep

Make Use of Your Stairways with Adverstep Nosing

An innovative new way to advertise your business, you can now transform your ordinary stairs into extraordinary multi-use building spaces using Adverstep nosing- advertising for stairs.

Take what is now simply functional space and create an eye-catching, income generating presence while also making your stairs anti-slip safe and creating a 100% reliable, glow in the dark emergency escape route.


As with many of our other products such as anti-slip stair covers and industrial anti-slip products, Adverstep nosing for stairs is an amazing, revolutionary stair safety product that offers a range of advantages previously unavailable to building owners and managers:

  • High-performance anti-slip protection to the stair
  • Super high glow-in-the dark emergency marking of every step tread.
  • The ability to turn your entire stairway into an advertising
  • Income generation from previously cost incurring space.
  • Reduced stairway wear, you benefit from lower maintenance costs.

The perks of advertising on stairs

Adverstep for stairs is a permanently fixed safety stair nosing that also features an easily removable vertical front face where advertising copy is located. You can now reproduce a larger-than-life motif across your entire stairway turning your stairway into an eye-popping, high impact billboard.

The advertising on stairs is easily and quickly changed without any adhesives or fastenings enabling you to exploit previously unused spaces and opening up entirely new possibilities for advertising communication, with stunning effect. Designed to provide advertisers with a new and unusual medium for delivering their messages on the risers of staircases in public places such as Malls, Airports, Train Stations, Transportation Hubs, Stadiums, Arenas and virtually any other place you would find steps.

Significantly improve the safety and egress efficiency of your building at the same time as you gain a new and exciting income stream. Capital improvements within your building AND increased revenue, it makes sense!


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