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Stairs, 5,800% more likely to injure you than elevators

It’s official, stairs are 5,800% more likely to injure you than using the elevator. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Click hear for the very interesting Live Science article.

They always make headline news, a horrific elevator accident where someone is crushed or falling tfalling down stairso their deaths because the elevator car wasn’t there when the door opens, shocking accidents that really grab our attention.

What we don’t hear about are the thousands of deaths of ordinary folk falling down ordinary stairs, just like the stairs you and I use every day. The people that are paid to count these things tell us that in the USA almost 50 people per day die from falling down stairs.

Please pay attention to the safety of stairs in your facility, or if you are recommending stair safety solutions to clients, be sure of your recommendations are sound. If you need some free advice, or just want to be sure that you have done all the right things then just give us a call at Safety Step.