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Intended to be funny – but people didn’t think so

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A recent blooper video featuring people all tripping over the same step as they came out of the New York subway was meant to get a laugh. Just one step in an ordinary looking  staircase was only slightly taller than the rest and it really made a big difference. The video received a lot of attention on the web after the creator  shared it on Reddit Less than 24 hours and Read More

Stairs, 5,800% more likely to injure you than elevators

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It’s official, stairs are 5,800% more likely to injure you than using the elevator. It doesn’t need to be that way. Click hear for the very interesting Live Science article. They always make headline news, a horrific elevator accident where someone is crushed or falling to their deaths because the elevator car wasn’t there when the door opens, shocking accidents that really grab our attention. What we don’t hear about Read More

Jeremy Clarkson was right

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Oh no!! Jeremy Clarkson was right, it’s not cars that kill pedestrians, pedestrians are doing it to themselves. It seems that using your mobile to text and check your Facebook status while walking from place to place and up and down stairs is at the bottom of steeply rising pedestrian death and serious injury statistics. So much so that we now have a new phenomenon called ‘distracted walking’ and in Read More

‘Ramp effect’ a big killer on stairs, what is this all about and how do YOU prevent it?

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One of the biggest killers and causes of serious injury accidents on stairs is mis-stepping and falling forward while going down the stairs. The cause of these accidents is very preventable and directly associated with having poor definition on the leading edge of each tread, setting up a visual ramp effect. Some stair tread types are worse than others for this problem but any stair that has a uniform colour, Read More

Can I save money by putting skinnier nosing’s on my stair treads or is this false economy?

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Recent blogs about using correct anti-slip stair nosings has had great response but it has identified more questions from you that need answering. A common question has centered about what size (depth) industrial anti-slip nosing gives the best balance between economy and performance, well let’s look at this here. It is asked if by cutting this depth down, say to a minimal 50mm, can you save money and will the Read More

Comparing Coated With Composite

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Are the anti-slip safety products YOU are buying the real deal that will actually prevent injury accidents, or are they clever Chinese look-alikes? How can YOU tell the difference and should YOU really care? Low priced, low quality Chinese made anti-slip products are increasingly being offered in Australia under a number of local brand names and sometimes even blatantly promoted as Australian made. Do you know what you are buying, Read More

Anti-Slip paints have their uses – but NOT on stairs and ramps.

Using paint and grit as an anti-slip coating on stairs and ramps is a waste of time, energy and money. Worse, after a very short time it actually makes the slip problem worse than it was in the first place. You can offer customers a far better, long lasting, safer solution, and boost over the counter sales with purpose designed, Australian made anti-slip products that are easily fitted by any handyman Read More


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This Safety Step post is a plain English examination and comment on how the Australian Standard AS 1428.1 impacts on the design and performance of stair nosings. What is AS1428.1? The full title is Australian Standard Design for Access and Mobility Part 1: General requirements for access – new building work. This Standard sets out minimum design requirements to provide access for most people with disabilities and addresses a wide range of Read More

Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation Chooses Safety Step

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Consecutive repeat orders for high performance Safety Step industrial anti-slip products have been dispatched to the Chinese Government owned Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for use of their various drilling platforms and working vessels mostly working in the BoHai Sea area. The Safety Step brand reputation as the best available in the anti-slip world certainly helped, but the real work has been done by the hard working and well Read More

Australia’s most advanced hospital chooses Safety Step products

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The very recently opened FIONA STANLEY HOSPITAL in Perth is a showpiece for both State and Commonwealth so Safety Step is extremely proud to have contributed anti-slip solutions to the project. Being a massive $2 billion project our contribution was pretty modest in value, but in improving the practical safety of the building we think we made a significant impact. Well ahead of construction the design team began examining and Read More