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Glow In The Dark Evacuation

TwoWhen lighting fails or emergency conditions prevail, finding your way quickly and safely through and out of the building is critical.

Safety Step self charging, glow in the dark signage and way indicating products bring a powerful and ultimately reliable safety system to your facility. Cutting edge photoluminescent technology combines with innovative anti-slip solutions to create for you a total system of bright indicators and anti-slip surfacing.

Fully manufactured by Safety Step in it’s Australian facility, to the highest quality standards and designed to well exceed the toughest international performance Standards, this fully integrated egress system represents the very best glow technology available.

The photoluminescent particles embedded completely within the Safety Step materials charge passively by absorbing energy from any available light source and then discharging that energy as a bright light in low or no light conditions. No electrical connections are required and operational lifespan exceeds 25 years. Fully charging within 30 minutes, depending on the strength and nature of the light source, the glow particles are non-toxic and non-radioactive.

Safety Step have a range of standard sign faces and sign sizes however we can accommodate your custom requirements. We do not offer low grade style peel and stick glow products, most often sourced out of China, but instead we specialise in higher end, top performance and designer focussed products.


ANTI-SLIP PRODUCTS for stairs and walkways can now also have glow in the dark signs, messages and guidance strips integrated into the product in a highly effective and stylish way. This option allows you to support your wall or ceiling mounted signs with low level indicators, the last to be blocked out by descending smoke or sprinkler haze.

Contact us to discuss your project and start designing an egress system specific to your building.