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Asmat Roll Out Anti-Slip Material

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Asmat 01A unique. ready made, roll-out/fix down anti-slip surfacing material that instantly creates a high traction surface on any flat surface floor or ramp, and last many times longer that tradition paint and grit options and without the water retention problems of carpet.

 Safety Step ASMAT is a very thin and very flexible composite fibreglass material that has diamond hard grit bonded all the way through to create a fine and highly effective non-slip surface. ASMAT is easily cut to any shape or size with basic hand tools and simply bonded to your floor or ramp with a screed adhesive – easy, fast and permanent.

Wide colour choices, extraordinarily hard wearing, will never rot and can be used in any exterioAsmat 05r application including marine.

  • Select your colour.
  • Measure and cut to size and shape.
  • Fix in place with screed adhesive.
  • Won’t rot, won’t rust, won’t wear out.
  • Will form over curves
  • Fast, easy, permanent.

Asmat is an outstanding solution for disability ramps and school decking applications.
Can be cut to smaller squares and adhered over slippery floor tiles.

ASMAT doesn’t dent, corrode, rot, delaminate, will not support bacteria and has a high strength to weight ratio being several times higher than steel on a weight to weight basis. It demonstrates a very high resistance to UV and other environmental conditions is highly resistant to chemical attack and has an indefinite lifespan. The particular base resin used by Safety Step also features extremely good fire retardant and low smoke emission characteristics.
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