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About Safety Step

Our purpose is to design, make and offer the worlds premium grade, highest performing anti-slip and way guidance products.

Safety Step is a family owned and operated company using innovation and commitment to make uncompromisingly excellent products.

Every time you invest in a Safety Step product, you are guaranteed that the product will do what you need it to do, and keep doing that job for  years longer than any other option. An old school approach maybe, but we believe in doing the job once and doing the job right so we build every Safety Step product to last years, not to simply look good for a short time and then wear out and be thrown away after just months of use as is the case with most of the anti-slip offerings on the market.

Achieving that massive quality and performance difference to establish Safety Step as the premium Brand in our industry takes a single minded and determined approach. Instead of endlessly manufacturing products that ship out the door to sell, the entire Safety Step team rather has a focus and endless drive to to build a Brand reputation of excellence, performance beyond expectation and trust. That is a goal that gives real meaning to jobs and pride in involvement.

It can’t stop there however. The best products must use the very best raw materials and be manufactured in innovative and well controlled ways. Our products are different because they are made very differently, made with very unique processes and always that focus on durability and performance.

Your money can go on throw-away short life products that will need replacing within a year or so, or it can go on products that will keep doing the job for 10 years or longer. Your initial spend will not be much different but your saving over 5 – 10 years will be huge.

Some History:
Safety Step
 International was founded in Auckland New Zealand in 1993 and still remains under its 
original family ownership and management headed by Christine and Steve Quinn and operations run by son James Quinn.

Growing from a small local business to a world leading, multi-national manufacturing, exporting company has involved many changes but what has not changed are the core values of quality, reliability and honesty that Safety Step clients have appreciated for over two decades.

Something special happens when a company remains based around the original participants who over the years have sweated blood for the business and done every possible task within that company; innovating the products, setting the marketing and doing the face to face selling, and often working late and long to make the products that they then installed themselves.

You know you are going to get the right deal when promises made during the sales meeting are backed by a genuine and deep understanding of the products, an understanding that can only be achieved when guarantees made are based on years of personal involvement with the design and manufacture of the product you are going to buy.

Building this culture of excellence and reliability into the growing international business has been carefully managed and certainly helped by having Christine and Steve’s eldest son James take control of the manufacturing side of the business. Every single product made by Safety Step is hand made, not machine produced, and James has a passion bordering on an obsession with ensuring that the manufacturing team make every product perfect.

Initially Safety Step expanded within New Zealand quickly becoming the overwhelming dominant force in leading anti-slip technology in that country however, increasing demand from international markets lead to a shift of operations to Australia where Safety Step in now located in an idyllic rural setting in northern New South Wales.

With re-seller agents and joint venture companies in more than 12 countries, Safety Step is now well recognized across the globe as the leading expert in the provision of highest quality integrated pedestrian safety systems that combine the very latest innovations in anti-slip technology and glow in the dark capability.

Put simply, we have the knowledge and the products to assist you implement end to end pedestrian safety systems that will minimise slip and fall accidents while also facilitating the fast and orderly evacuation of pedestrians during lights out and emergency conditions, you have our personal guarantee on that.