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Safety Step International Non Slip Stair Treads

Anti-Skid Safety Steps in Australia

Get a better grip with Safety Step . . .

Proven to be the toughest, longest lasting and best value anti-slip and safety stride stair nosing products in the world. So good, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Guarantee Your Safety

A new generation of Australian made, non-slip stair tread nosings and floor covers,non slip stair treads ladder covers and glow in the dark evacuation products to optimise your stair safety. Products that will bring massive gains to the safety and performance of your facility, while also casting out ongoing costs.

    • Breakthrough technology in industrial non slip stair treads & flooring solutions.
    • Specialist oil and gas industry needs met.
    • Design focused products for all architectural uses including glow stair nosing.
    • Slip resistant products and emergency signage – working together or separately.

Proudly 100% Australian made non slip solutions backed by a lifetime warranty.

    • Anti-slip products that last 300% longer for 25% less money.
    • Self-charging signage that glows as bright as an electric light.
    • Cost effective ways of complying with all pedestrian safety tread requirements.

Uncompromising quality and durability built into every:

Industrial Anti-Slip

Architectural Stair Nosings

Transit Platform & Ramps

Glow in Dark Egress Signs

The toughest, longest lasting and best value industrial anti-slip products worldwide for your stair safety.


We make our products from a fully composite, heavy industrial grade, FRP material – a seamless non slip material from top to bottom with no surface coatings to wear down or fall off.


Our product will last up to 10 times longer than any other type and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Aluminum based, commercial grade non slip stair nosings and treads and threshold strips with design options that you control.


Mix and match luminance contrasting, anti-slip insert materials to exactly meet your architectural style and performance needs.


Include super high performing glow in the dark capability into any profile as you require.


Profiles to suit any stair and traffic situation.

Instant, permanent, super tough flooring solutions for transit platforms, pedestrian and disability ramps.


No longer do you need to keep endlessly renewing paint-on products, install our pre-finished and lay down surfacing for non slip ramps and platforms and match to unique platform edge thresholds.


Use our super tough, glass reinforced and grit impregnated composite material to create an instant, lay down solution without any disturbance to usual traffic flows.


We are also the creators of Adverstep, a unique new product used to guarantee safety and advertise on stairways at the same time.

Integrate your anti-slip systems with your emergency way finding and path marking systems in an easy and seamless way.


The product incorporates self-charging glow in the dark capabilities into any non slip walkway safety tread product. Match this with photo-luminescent signage for low and no light way guidance and you have the complete, ultimately reliable and low cost egress system.

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