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Safety Step International Non Slip Stair Treads

Anti-Skid Safety Steps in Australia


Get a better grip with Safety Step . . .

Proven to be the toughest, longest lasting and best value anti-slip and safety stride stair nosing products in the world. So good, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Guarantee Your Safety

A new generation of Australian made, non-slip stair tread nosings and floor covers,non slip stair treads ladder covers and glow in the dark evacuation products to optimise your stair safety. Products that will bring massive gains to the safety and performance of your facility, while also casting out ongoing costs.

• Breakthrough technology in industrial non slip stair treads & flooring solutions.
• Specialist oil and gas industry needs met.
• Design focused products for all architectural uses including glow stair nosing.
• Slip resistant products and emergency signage – working together or separately.
• Proudly 100% Australian made non slip solutions backed by a lifetime warranty.
• Anti-slip products that last 300% longer for 25% less money.
• Self-charging signage that glows as bright as an electric light.
• Cost effective ways of complying with all pedestrian safety tread requirements.

Uncompromising quality and durability built into every:

• Non slip stair tread nosing and flooring covers
• Slip resistant ladder cover
• High traction walkway covers
• Photoluminescent signage

Feet on stairs
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Intended to be funny – but people didn’t think so

A recent blooper video featuring people all tripping over the same step as they came out of the New York subway was meant to get a laugh. Just one step in an ordinary looking  staircase was only slightly taller than the rest and it really made a big difference. The video received a lot of attention on the web after the creator  shared it on Reddit Less than 24 hours and nearly half a million views later, the video appears to have raised more concern than entertainment. People dropped phrases like "lawsuit" in response to the uneven staircase. It does show very well how even slight problems on a stairway can cause big problems. The Local transit Authority closed the stairway down and had the stairs re-built. New York subway stair Read More

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Stairs, 5,800% more likely to injure you than elevators

It’s official, stairs are 5,800% more likely to injure you than using the elevator. It doesn’t need to be that way. Click hear for the very interesting Live Science article. They always make headline news, a horrific elevator accident where someone is crushed or falling to their deaths because the elevator car wasn't there when the door opens, shocking accidents that really grab our attention. What we don’t hear about are the thousands of deaths of ordinary folk falling down ordinary stairs, just like the stairs you and I use every day. The people that are paid to count these things tell us that in the USA almost 50 people per day die from falling down stairs. Please pay attention to the safety of stairs in your facility, or if you are recommending stair safety solutions to clients, be sure Read More

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Jeremy Clarkson was right

Oh no!! Jeremy Clarkson was right, it’s not cars that kill pedestrians, pedestrians are doing it to themselves. It seems that using your mobile to text and check your Facebook status while walking from place to place and up and down stairs is at the bottom of steeply rising pedestrian death and serious injury statistics. So much so that we now have a new phenomenon called ‘distracted walking’ and in some places fines are being applied in an attempt to reduce resulting injury accidents. Check this out . . . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2388351/Texting-walking-blamed-nationwide-increase-pedestrian-deaths.html here it is in action, watch the woman in the background to the right of this guy . . . Read More