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Anti Slip Stair Nosings, Anti Slip Flooring & Safety Products Available Worldwide.

Industrial Anti Slip Products

Anti-Slip Stair Covers (Nosing):

The toughest, best performing non slip covers for industrial steps and stairs.

Fast and easy fit straight over existing stairs to provide high traction even  in the harshest conditions.

No rust, no corrosion, will withstand any environment – these are simply the toughest stair nosing on the market.

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Ladder Rung Anti-Slip Covers:

Ready to fit non slip covers for both square and round ladder rungs.

Simple installation with no bolts or screws. Turn slippery ladders into anti slip ladders.

Fiberglass construction so no rust or corrosion.

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Anti-Slip Walkway Covers:

Pre-finished anti slip walkway covers are simply laid over your existing level floor to create super tough, super non slip walkways.

Fast and easy to fit, no downtime. Suitable for all locations and environments.

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Glow In The Dark Evacuation:

The most robust anti slip floor covers on the market with the inclusion of glow in the dark direction indicators and emergency signage.

Anti-slip surfacing and high performance emergency marking combined in one product.

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