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Architectural Slip Resistant Stair Treads

Interior and exterior options for finely designed and super hard wearing architectural stair nosings, step capping’s and thresholds.

Manufactured in Australia to the highest Architectural Standards and compliant to local and international Building Codes, Safety Step Architectural Stair Nosings can be mixed and matched in a great many styles and options to suit your project.

  • Various well proven profile shapes.
  • Interior grade R12 anti-slip PVC inserts.
  • Exterior grade >R13  FRP anti-slip inserts.
  • Wide colour choices.
  • Super High performance glow in the dark capability.
  • AS:4586 and AS:1428 compliant.

Because we are the manufacturers we can also customize profile shapes and insert materials to exactly suit your needs. Tell us what you need and we will work with you to provide it. Custom solutions already provided to the architectural market, transport and marine industries.

Your stairways can become essential elements in the building emergency evacuation system, complimenting egress signage with 100% reliable glow in the dark pathway marking, greatly speeding evacuation and boosting life safety, let us show you how.

Safety Step Architectural stair nosings and step capping’s are the all-round perfect way to maximize your anti-slip stair safety, reduce wear and maintenance on stairs and also boost the efficiency of emergency escape pathway marking.

Manufactured from a strong extruded aluminum based material with  highly non-slip and wear resistant inserts, means your nosing will remain effective and good looking for many years, even under heavy traffic. Not only do they offer the best available non-slip feature but they clearly define the edge of each stair tread preventing over-stepping and fall accidents even in low and no light conditions.

Aluminum stair treads are designed to be very easily fitted to the front edge of most types of new and existing stair treads including timber, tiled, masonry and steel. You have the versatility to elect what profile shape you wish your stair nosing to be and also mix and match insert material with glow in the dark strips.

As with our Adverstep and industrial strength products, our products are ideal for people who want safe and attractive flooring. Recommended for domestic applications or to improve commercial site safety, marine, transport, in fact any place stairs need non-slip protection.




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